Welcome to the Members section of The Chorus of East Providence’s website! Below is some information that is important for members of The Chorus.

Spring 2024 Concert Recordings

To listen to recordings from our Spring 2024 concert America, The Dream, click here. Each file is one half of a concert, NOT the individual songs.

Thanks to Brad Kleyla for recording our concert!

Washington, DC Photos & Audio

Our members had an incredible time in Washington, DC sightseeing and performing at the Kennedy Center during the Memorial Day Holiday 2024!

To see member-submitted photos from the trip, click here.

To see the official photos, audio, and video of the concert from MCI, click here.

2024-2025 Season

Information coming soon!

To download the Winter 2024 program list, click here.

To download the Winter 2024 rehearsal schedule, click here.

Winter 2024 Practice Music

Information coming soon!

To access the Winter 2024 rehearsal practice mp3 files, click on your section’s folder below.

Soprano   Alto   Tenor   Bass

To listen to the files on the website, click on the file you want to hear and then click Play at the bottom of the screen.

To download individual files to your device, click on your section’s folder to open it. Click on the file you want to hear and then click on the “Download” icon on the top right (a downward-facing arrow with a line under it) and choose “Direct Download” to save it to your device.

To download all files to your device all at one, click on your section’s folder to open it. Then, click on “Download” on the top right of the page and choose “Direct Download.” This will download the files to your computer or phone as a compressed or “zipped” folder. You will have to unzip it in order to listen to the songs.

How to unzip files: Mac, iPhone and iPad, Windows, Android


Information coming soon!
Download our Winter 2024 Sponsorship form here!
We can’t do it without your help! Ask a local business, ask a family member, ask a friend if they’ll consider donating to The Chorus of East Providence. Members are also welcome to become sponsors!